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At MSO Physio we provide a full range of pelvic health services suitable for the post-natal female athlete. We offer post-natal Mummy MOTs and have specialised Pelvic Health Physiotherapists to treat any issues which may arise, from prolapses, incontinence to pelvic floor dysfunction. Please see our website section on pelvic health for more details.

Female Athlete Health

We also have a special interest in female athlete health. We have experience in assessing and rehabilitating a range of sports injuries within the female athlete population. We specialise in the care of athletic pregnancies and postnatal return to sport and exercise. We draw upon the vast experience in our team of pelvic health and specialised musculoskeletal physiotherapists to provide individualised rehab programmes for our clients.

We treat females from young teenagers through to later life, with treatments tailored specifically to women, as their physiology differs to men. For years women in Sports Medicine have been treated as small men, with research lagging behind for the female athlete. We utilise our experience and training to tailor our rehabilitation programme to suit the individual needs of the female athlete. This includes cycle tracking to optimise different times of the cycle where women may adapt better to different types of training.

Pregnancy and Exercise

There is more and more emerging evidence regarding the positive affects of physical exercise whilst pregnant. We prescribe specific exercise programmes for our Pregnant Athletes which aim to reduce deconditioning and prepares them for childbirth. These individualised programmes are suitable from conception right through to delivery and are tailored to meet the goals of the athlete. Following a comprehensive pregnancy programme, we offer a full range of post natal services.


Hypermobility is a condition often seen in teenage girls which can be hugely helped by physiotherapy. Following a comprehensive assessment, we create bespoke exercise programmes to target key muscles. Stability, endurance, proprioceptive and strengthening exercises are usually combined in an individualised programme. We also offer a range of clinical pilates exercise classes which may help people with hypermobility.

Energy Deficiency Syndromes

Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (REDs) is a condition where there is a mismatch in energy expenditure and input. This can be seen in the female athlete population. We work alongside Sports and Exercise Medicine Consultants to rehabilitate athletes from REDs. Treatment usually involves a period of rest, whilst conditioning the unaffected areas, followed by a graded return to loading under the guidance of our Specialised Female Health Physiotherapists.

ACL Injury Prevention

ACL injury prevention programmes are designed for the athletic female to try to reduce their risk of ACL injury. There is currently an epidemic of ACL injuries occurring in young female athletes which has been highly reported in the media. It is thought this is likely to be due to a huge variety of factors ranging from hormones, muscular control systems, biomechanical differences between genders and from sports equipment design. We draw upon the most recent research to prescribe individualised ACL injury prevention programmes for athletic females.

Menopause and Exercise

There are many physiological effects of the Menopause which can impact musculoskeletal health. We take a comprehensive medical history to ensure we consider the range of factors which can influence during the menopause. We utilise resistance training to optimise bone health as part of our menopause specific rehabilitation programmes.


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